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Features Of Cantilever Racking


The racking has been evolved into different types as per the need. The racking has it’s used in nearly every industry. Due to difference in products and materials used in every industry, their racking needs are also varying. But the basic structure and concept of the racking remain the same, the major difference comes in the design and shelves. Certain brands are specialized in racking like Colby racking. The Colby racking comes in different varieties and is designed as per customer needs. The Colby racking is popular due to their durability and design flexibility, that can make it a number choice when it comes to racking. Here we will be discussing, not the brand but the type of racking that can be said as little distinctive in terms of design and usage i.e., Cantilever racking. The cantilever racking can be said as a bit unconventional in comparison to other racking designs. The cantilever racking is used for things that have an unusual shape in comparison to other manufactured items. There are few features of the cantilever racking that made it different from other racking, like;


Usage: The cantilever racking is in common use for items like rods, lumber or pipes etc. Usually, these products come in different sizes and shapes. The storage mechanism for these items is completely different from generic manufactured items. They sometimes contain unusual shape and there is a high probability that every other item of the same nature may have a different length, width or height. The cantilever racking is usually made have opening on all sides that can accommodate the unusual size of the product. They have spokes on a single rack that stack items on the rack like timber logs.


Economical: If we are talking about items like pipes, timber logs or steel rods. This means if we try to stack all these items on the floor, then they will be requiring a lot of areas. Not only there will be a waste of ground space, but it will also be difficult to manage their inventory. But using cantilever racking will help you to have an economical solution that will not save your area but also make your sock management efficient. The other good thing about these cantilever racking, once installed, they will easily serve your needs for years without incurring extra cost on them.


Multipurpose: The greatest advantage of cantilever racking is its multipurpose use. For instance, if they are installed in a workshop where they are using steel rods, timber slabs or wooden longs. Even a single rack can have different spokes or arms, that can carry all these three different items on it. This means you don’t have to get different racks for different material. It will not only save your investment in racking but also save the space required for it.

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