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Gaining Relief From Migraines

A migraine is generally a throbbing or pounding pain that is experienced on one side of the head, and is accompanied by feelings of nausea, eye pain, or dizziness. It is a common ailment experienced by many, and is usually caused due to constant exposure to loud noise or bright lights might lead to sleep apnoea clinic, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, and certain food types, to name a few.

While most people look for relief from migraines through a conventional headache treatment such as prescribed drugs or a massage, there are some simple lifestyle changes and great remedies that should not be overlooked as well.

These could be done as an alternative to a regular headache treatment or as an additional treatment for what is tmj and know more about it.

One such solution is to maintain a migraine journal of sorts. Keep a record of the time you get migraines along with what you were doing, or your surroundings, prior to experiencing the pain. This helps you to identify what triggers your migraine, and by simply avoiding such triggers, you may be able to easily avoid your migraines as well. For example if you seem to get a migraine after just one drink at the bar, then alcohol may be a migraine trigger for you. So next time you go out, you could opt for a mocktail instead, and you may actually be able to enjoy your night out with your friends.

Studies conducted have shown that irregular sleeping patterns could also be a root cause for migraines. If you are one of those people, who don’t have a regular sleeping time, then you may need to start making a few lifestyle changes, so that you’re on a proper sleep cycle. Try your best to go to sleep and get up, at roughly the same time each day, and you may be able to see yourself being less prone to getting migraines during the day.

In addition to regular sleep, people who want to avoid migraines need to stick to a healthy eating pattern too. Make sure that there are no large gaps between your meals, since your blood sugar levels and its fluctuations will be lead to that throbbing pain in your head again. In addition, remember that certain types of cheese, MSG and caffeine are migraine triggers, and should be avoided at all times.

If you have already started to get a migraine, then you can get some temporary relief by keeping a cold cloth or icepack on your forehead or your neck. You can also go in to a quiet dimly lit room, and try to relax by either lying down or simply closing your eyes.

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