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How To Create A Safe Space For Children To Play In

It is inevitable that children will come away with a bruise or a scrape after some time spent at a playground. Nonetheless, if you are setting up such a space, it is important to ensure that you take the steps necessary to prevent further, more dangerous, injuries. This is something that needs to be considered before start making any further plans. Here is what you need to include if you wish to construct a carefree, secure play area:

Create the Right Base

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of injuries is to construct a proper base for the children. This means creating a flooring that is conducive to falls and jumps. This is especially important for commercial outdoor play equipment that is higher than six feet. Here, make sure that the ground below is lined with at least twelve inches of mulch, wood chips, or small rubber pieces. These fillings should not be packed down as this will reduce on their ability to minimise impact. This layer should also extend at least six feet on all sides. The rest of the playing field should also have adequate types of flooring included. When choosing a particular material keep in mind the age of the children who will be playing there. This is because loose or small fillings may be dangerous with very small children around.

Make All the Structures Easily Visible

It has been determined that one of the main reasons that accidents happen in such an environment is because of a lack of supervision. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there were no parents or teachers around. Rather, these supervisors were unable to see the children from where they stood. This is why you should avoid crowding all of the structures in one area. Instead, space them out and make sure that each person has a clear view of all of the equipment when standing on the outskirts of the play area. This will help to drastically cut down on the number of accidents.

Choose the Right Equipment Company

Another important factor in safe playground equipment is the equipment that you choose. You will need to thoroughly investigate the company that you wish to make the purchases from. Ensure that all of their structures are held to the strictest codes available and that they use materials safe for children. It is also a good idea to look at the manufacturing warranty accompany the structures. The longer the warranty, the better the chance that the equipment is of good quality. These are some of the ways that you can make certain that all children are safe in your play area.

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