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How To Find The Right PR Match For Your Company

travel PR Sydney

Both Bill Gates and Richard Branson have stated that public relations are one of their most important business strategies. Indeed, Gates has stated that if he were down to his last dollar in a corporation, he would spend it on public relations.

It’s understandable. When done correctly, public relations agencies Sydney produce outcomes at a cost that no other marketing strategy can equal. PR penetrates people’s hearts and minds; it establishes a brand’s or company’s legitimacy, and it gets people talking about and sharing a company like devoted fans. Indeed, according to Nielsen, PR-generated recommendations and sharing are considerably more trustworthy than traditional advertising.

That is why picking the appropriate PR firm is so crucial. You will not only waste a lot of time and money if you do it wrong, but you will also miss out on the potential to create some major clear water between your company and the competitors.

So, how do you avoid making such a disastrous error? Here are nine red flags to check for when hiring a public relations firm:

  1. Questions

PR is most effective when it is tightly linked to your business strategy. For example, if you are a travel company, then a travel PR Sydney will be the most suitable choice for you. A reputable agency will want to know the big picture, and you should be willing to share it with them. DO NOT use them if they do not inquire about your business idea.

  1. PR Budget

You will be buying the time of high-quality, knowledgeable workers if you go the agency route. Their facilities will cost you a lot of cash. If, on the other hand, some prospective public relations agencies Sydney seems more concerned with your PR budget than with your company, alarm bells should be sounding since their objectives are all misplaced!

  1. Team structure

Big agencies usually use their smartest, most senior employees to pitch. After that, more junior staff are left to conduct the day-to-day work as soon as the account is won. Many agencies make their money this way, but it’s a massive rip-off that you shouldn’t accept. So, find out who will be in charge of the day-to-day campaign. Make a point of meeting them. It’s an important consideration when hiring a travel PR Sydney firm.

  1. Capabilities

Your public relations firm must be capable of using any of the available communication tools. You want all of your abilities in one place, and we’d argue that they should be in the hands of the individuals who will be managing your account. Your day-to-day squad isn’t better enough for you if they can’t lever social or digital media and don’t understand how PR moves SEO.

  1. Market knowledge

Many individuals believe they demand a specialist in their arena. Don’t limit yourself in this way. Yes, market knowledge is beneficial, but someone well-versed in a particular industry might be reserved, with a firm belief that “this is how things work.” Good public relations professionals are astute. They can swiftly pick up on market nuances. A competent agency that doesn’t yet understand your specific market is preferable to a mediocre one that does.


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