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Looking for the top artistic plaster?

We specialize in the restoration and replication of various historical works for interior designers and home decorators, as well as the creation of sophisticated bespoke goods. No job is too big or complicated. We can create any type of plaster product, whether it is in traditional or modern forms.

F Vitale & Sons Plaster Materials offers the greater Melbourne area a professional and top-notch plastering service for those looking to buy plaster products in Melbourne. When it comes to plaster, everything is possible for our team! Finishing copies and restorations of all sorts of historical work is our area of expertise. For home decorators and interior designers, we can also create sophisticated customized things. If you want buy plaster products in Melbourne most welcome at F Vitale & Sons.

From traditional to modern designs, you may get plaster items in Melbourne. We can create any type of plaster product.

Which kind of home design, traditional or modern, better matches your taste?

If you enjoy interior design and want to make your home’s interior distinctive, F Vitale & Sons Plaster Products is ready to help. Buy plaster products in Melbourne at F Vitale & Sons Plaster products and have distinctive designs created for a simple, inexpensive, and quick remedy. Ornamental plaster has no design restrictions due to its composition.

Buy plaster products in Melbourne for the best wall finishing plasters at F Vitale & Sons. Among the various goods we provide are plaster wall finishes and mending plasters. You’re guaranteed to find something useful here whether you’re working on a concrete plaster wall or a cement plaster wall. When dealing with plaster, anything is possible, including plasterboard and cornice!

Gyprock suppliers in Melbourne

F Vitale & Sons collaborate with a range of gyprock suppliers to satisfy the needs of their local customers. The whole spectrum of gyprock suppliers is offered by F Vitale & Sons. External cladding choices, Himmel ceilings, Rondo stud and track, Bradford insulation, Cemented Fiber Cement, as well as a number of equipment and accessories, are examples of gypsum-based goods. The top producer of gypsum-based goods in Australia includes companies that produce plasterboard, cornice, compounds, adhesives, specialty plasters, and related finishing materials and accessories.

Gyprock suppliers is a provider of products made of gypsum. In addition to plasterboard, cornice, and other gypsum-based goods, we also sells compounds, adhesives, specialist plasters, and other finishing materials and tools from F Vitale & Sons, Australia’s top producer of Gyprock supplier and plaster products.

Gyprock Plasterboards come in two classifications and are used in both residential and commercial construction. Gyprock plasterboard from the Select Range is advised for the vast majority of non-specialized applications. Gyprock plasterboards are advised for usage in systems where greater performance standards are necessary as specialty options.For further information please visit our website:

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