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Types Of Generator Load Banking


Power breakdown can happen anytime making things coming to a standstill. With a generator installed to your domestic or commercial premises it becomes really easy to overcome any unforeseen problem. The process like the generator load bank testing is used to make sure that the generators are working properly without any unnecessary interruptions and failure. It is with this process that the owner keeps a close check on the working of the generators and makes sure that there is no problem with the generator. The generator load bank testing is important because the generators are not working regularly so by a regular thorough check it is easy to sort out the problems well in time before you need it.

In order to take care of the load bank generators it is essential to make sure that you know about your generator type. Here are the four distinct types of generators that often used.

  1. Resistive load banks are the most frequently found types of load banks. These load banks helps in taking care of the prime movers and lets the generator work to the fullest. The process includes conversion of electrical energy into heat energy. This conversion takes place through the resistors. The heat is then discharged in the form of either water or the air. There are different types of these load banks available on the market.
  2. Reactive load banks are a little different from the resistive load banks as unlike the former they are fitted with either a capacitor or the inductor. Here in this kind of generator the electrical energy is used to create a magnetic field. These load banks best to test the devices that are running on the motors and transformers. It is just the right solution for the telecom industry.
  3. Combined Resistive/Reactive can be used to test the generators that have a capacity of 200kVA or more.
  4. Electronic load bank is used to test either the average or the too high load capabilities. After the electric load is added to the power source the capabilities can be tested. This kind of load bank is far better than the rest of the load banks. What usually bothers the users about this kind of load bank is the cost. The performance is no doubt satisfying but the cost is comparatively much higher. The load bank is easy to program according to personal requirements. It is just the right choice for all kinds of generator systems and all kinds of industries.

These are the most used types of the load banks that can let you keep your generator running properly. Once the generators are tested regularly there is no challenge left in the proper working.

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