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Why Is Solid Timber Flooring Preferred Over Others?

solid timber flooring perth

Why do you think that people opt for timber flooring over all others? There are as many as nine to ten different types of flooring like ceramic tile flooring, vinyl flooring, cork flooring and so on, but people always prefer the wood flooring. There are many reasons for this preference; their durability; their aesthetic appeal and their easy maintenance can be named as few. However; wood flooring itself can be divided into various types and can be categorised from the top most loved to the least preferred depending upon characteristics of each of the wood type. On a general level; timber wood can be classified into two categories; hardwood and softwood. The furniture items because it has more favourable characteristics. Solid timber floors in perth are most preferred type of hardwood flooring among all others and the reason for this preference is going to be discussed in this article.


Floor boards are the long planks of wood that are combined with one another in such a way that they give the final structure of a floor, deck or any other desired structure. The purpose of these floorboards is to level the uneven edges or corners of the walls. These wooden planks prevent the wall from getting abrasive. The outlook of the floorboards gives an aesthetic appeal to the area as well.

Solid timber flooring:

Solid timber flooring can be defined as the installation of timber for the making of a floor. They can be made up of any specie of timber or can be manufactured by the mix of multiple types of wood but in a single wooden form. The thickness of solid timber is much more than any other kind of timber flooring. There are many different types of timber flooring which differs on the basis of the wood or timber selected for the manufacturing of flooring. These types might vary from chestnut timber flooring to European oak timber flooring.

Why is the installation of solid timber flooring preferred over others?

We know that there are many different types and materials that can be used for the manufacturing of floors but people always prefer to install flooring made up of solid timber. It is because solid timber floors can easily be installed and are quite strong so, they have long durability. It can easily be cleaned and does not require much for its maintenance. The aesthetic appeal of these timber floorings can never be matched which ultimately enhances the value of your house.  


People have always preferred the installation of timber flooring over other kinds because they are strong, durable and requires lesser maintenance. You can install the floorboards towards the corner of the floor to level the uneven edges of the wall. These timber made planks along with the timber floors gives a great outlook to your house which ultimately increases the value of the house as well. “VCS solid timber floors” provides the best quality of solid timber floors and floorboards.

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